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Check Out Hell-y-Wood

Looking for something fun to watch? Of course you are! That being the case, go check out the new short film written and directed by my monster-in-arms Traycee King. The film is called Hell-y-Wood: The Legend of Little Red. Here’s a quick synopsis:

“Young and naïve Red quickly learns it will take more than some girl scout training to make it in this ‘hood. Red discovers the City of Angels is anything but, and there are plenty of others who will rip her apart or knock her down if she lets them. In Hell-y-wood you can be eaten alive.”

But wait! There’s more! This is only the first in a planned web series, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming videos slated for sometime early next year.



2 Responses to “Check Out Hell-y-Wood”

  1. Traycee King says:

    Welcome to Hell… may I take you order?!

    WOWIE! Thanks for the blog precious!!! ;D

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