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The Monstrous Make-Up Manual Now Available To Pre-Order!

Monstrous Make-Up Manual

You NEED this!

After much toiling, my good friend Michael has completed his monster make-up masterpiece! It’s around 300 pages and contains over 700 step-by-step pictures. This project is truly a monster in and of itself.

I was fortunate enough to have modeled four different hideous makeups for this book, and had a great time doing it.

I’ve gotten to see some early drafts of it, and it really is a fantastic piece. It covers everything from techniques that can be done by beginners to more advanced make-up techniques like sculpting and applying foam latex appliances.

I’m really not shilling a product here. This project has been so much fun and so fascinating that I kept coming back for more, and I’m eager to try some of these techniques for myself.

Right now the book is available for pre-order. Take a look at the link below and maybe think about kicking your Halloween costume up a notch!

The Monstrous Make-Up Manual Official Site


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