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Review of Red: Werewolf Hunter

Red: Werewolf HunterWell SyFy, you’ve done it again. You have succeeded in continuing your tradition of poorly executed original movies. This time it was with your new flick Red: Werewolf Hunter, starring Felicia Day. Here’s the down and dirty synopsis:

“Red” brings her boyfriend home to meet the family. Little does he know that werewolves exist, and more than that, his girlfriend is from a long line of those sworn to hunt werewolves. He thinks she’s full of it, wanders out into the woods, gets bitten, etc. Meanwhile, Mr. New Creepy Uncle Werewolf Leader has decided to break the treaty his pack had with the hunters. Oh, and he can change form whenever he wants and is telepathically linked to people he’s turned into werewolves. Werewolves eat people, Red finds out the love of her life is now a cursed monster, her werewolf hunting brother wants to kill him, take a shot for every werewolf cliche, get plastered a half hour in.

Nothing about this movie that was intended to be good is actually good. The effects are bad, the script is bad, the setting is bad. The only good thing about this movie is the unintentional giggles it inspires. I felt like I was running my own low-rent version of MST3K right in the comfort of my living room. I also didn’t mind Felicia Day so much either, but that might be my redheaded geek solidarity talking.

The bottom line is that SyFy is going to keep turning these movies out when what they should do is save their money and actually put in for a halfway decent original movie. Way to fail SyFy…and your name is still stupid.


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