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SyFy’s Being Human

Being Human USTonight I sat down, fully prepared to start drinking heavily if things went awry, to watch SyFy’s adaptation of the British show Being Human. But the moment for drinking never came. Be shocked and amazed when I say that SyFy’s pilot for Being Human was actually pretty good.

I LOVE the original BBC show. I’ve been a fan since the first one off that was produced prior to it being picked up as a regular show. It’s quirky, it’s heart felt, it’s even disturbing. I don’t know if the American version will live up to that in the least, but the first episode was a good start.

Despite the fact that they changed the character’s names from the original (not sure why that is), they seem to be on track by way of personality and trademark attitudes. Josh (the George of this series) still wears his signature Star of David and has OCD tendencies. (He’s a lot less whiny, but let’s face it, how many men can match Russell Tovey’s high pitched squeak?) Aiden (our Mitchell equivalent) is still a vampire trying to go clean. However, so far he seems a little less tortured about the whole thing. Then there’s Sally (the Annie of the group) whom I still have to make up my mind about. She isn’t in the pilot long enough to really form a full opinion of.

Being the werewolf fan that I am, I was mostly interested in seeing how they would handle the Josh character. I was already a bit of a fan of the actor (Sam Huntington) from his role in “Fanboys”. He seems to have this charm about him. Mix that charm with the torture of being a werewolf, and it seems like you’ve got a pretty good combination. As for his transformation; while I miss the practical effects of the original, the CGI wasn’t half bad for a television show.

It seems like the plot is going to be fairly consistent with its UK counterpart. At least, that’s what I gleaned from the previews they showed for the rest of the season. I do wonder how much deviation is planned and how much might come as a result that in the UK a six episode season is normal and Americans balk at such a small number. I could see SyFy exhausting its source material rather quickly if they keep at the pace of the first episode. You can also factor in that IMDB has 13 episodes listed for the first season. That’s twice the amount of the UK show, unless SyFy plans on backing the episodes down to 30 minutes apiece aside from the first one.

Some of the humour of the original show seems to have carried over. There is a lot of potential for the dynamic between the characters to be charming and genuine, but this is SyFy we’re talking about. I am well and truly shocked that the first episode was as good as it was. Of course, I’m rather spoiled after watching the BBC original.

What really kills me about this show is the marketing. It’s terrible. SyFy went the stereotypical route. “The Lady Killer”, “The Wild Man” and “The Free Spirit”. Give me a freaking break. We have so many damn shows running alongside this one such as True Blood, Vampire Diaries and The Gates. They couldn’t come up with a more interesting marketing campaign? I’m also not sure what is supposed to represent the “i” in “Being” in the show logo. It kind of looks like they were trying to make it a person’s outline, but right now it looks like someone accidentally smudged the ink on the logo before it could dry.

All in all, I wouldn’t be sad in any way, shape or form to have the US adaptation of the show be decent. I just have no faith in SyFy whatsoever. I suppose only time will tell.

…and “SyFy” is still a stupid name.


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  1. I actually have been watching the show on hulu since reading this review a week ago. I haven’t seen the original BBC show so i decided to give the syfy one a watch first so i wont have anything to compare it to. Then watch the BBC show afterwards. Thus far after watching the pilot im eager to see what the show holds. I’m a big fan of werewolves, vampires, & other otherworld creatures. I even tried watching true blood for them but couldn’t get past the obnoxious accents the actors have in true blood and gave up on it. Now I agree that the marketing on this is over used but you can only expect anything remotely good to be over used in todays industry. I too hate “syfy” it felt like a slap to geek culture when they changed it from sci-fi.

  2. Macabri says:

    Well, the last episode of the season is this coming Monday. So far, it has been a pretty good watch, but there are still some hiccups. I also recently finished watching the third season of the BBC original. There is NO way for the SyFy version to even hold a candle to its predecessor.

    I couldn’t stand True Blood myself. I hated all of the characters. (Not even in a love to hate way.) It made me feel like I needed a shower after each episode.

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