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SyFy’s Being Human Episode 3

Being Human Aidan and Bishop

Aidan and Bishop

Last night was the premier of the third episode of SyFy’s “Being Human”. The show, again, did not disappoint. However, there were some definitely highlights as well as some speed bumps along the way.

The thing that irritates me about the show right now is that there is more potential that hasn’t been fully realized to this point. My husband hit the nail on the head when he said he hasn’t connected with the characters yet. Three episodes in or not, there should still be a stronger connection felt between the audience and the cast. BBC’s first season had only six episodes to accomplish this, but it had me from the first one. I’m hoping that SyFy is just being slower to develop the personalities and that some more heartfelt moments are forthcoming.

That all being said, I see a glimmer of something deeper shining under the surface of what SyFy has given us so far. There were some moments where Aidan actually had a personality outside of the brooding vampire stereotype, and I want them to give the actor more of a chance to explore that further. The problem I see them facing is that they’re competing with a number of other supernatural shows that have done very well, so it’s hard not to follow the formula that so obviously works with an American audience. I’m seeing this trickle down even into what powers the vampires possess. Super speed? Mind control? Needing permission before crossing the threshold? All unnecessary. Part of the reason the vampires in the original are so interesting is that they don’t really have a lot of creepy supernatural whatsits going for them. They are simply that scary without the aid of “trendy” vampire abilities.

The ante was upped on Josh’s werewolf abilities in episode three. We got a glimpse of a nearly full moon and it was having a definite effect on him. I think what happened because of it was a little forced, but making him wolfier outside of a full moon night is alright with me if done correctly. They might have done better employing a little more subtlety, but the idea that he’s fighting his nature even when he still looks human makes things interesting.

Sally is still the least interesting character to me. She got a bit of a boost in the last episode, but there weren’t any real breakthroughs by way of her personality. Sure, she learned to do some new things, but did the character really grow because of them? I feel like she’s very apart from Aidan and Josh when they should feel more like three peas in a pod.

Speaking of ghosts, Sally’s plot was pulled from an episode of the original series, and it wasn’t done nearly as well. Those that have seen both shows likely know what I’m talking about. To me, it felt rushed and a little less than genuine. They should have taken their time instead of trying to cram it into one episode.

There were some very genuine laugh out loud moments last night. The cast and writers seemed to have loosened up a bit, and it made a good balance to the drama. Of course, there were a couple of unintended laughs. (A little over the top werewolf sniffing definitely didn’t help.) Still, it was needed after two episodes that had very little real humour in them.

Based on the preview for next Monday’s show, I’d have to say we’re in for more plot pulled from the original. I got the impression that they’re going to attempt another cram session, but we’ll see. It’s still a fun show and worth the watching.

Oh, and SyFYI…I still liked it better when you were SciFi.


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