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Bank of America: You’re Doing It Wrong

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Bank of Inconvenience

Today I posted a comment on Twitter that read:

Hey, Bank of America online mortgage payment system: die in a fire.

To my surprise, a little later I got a note from their online Twitter support team asking:

Were you able to resolve your issue? Anything I can do to help?

Being in the bad mood that I was, I told them:

Not unless you can fix the website so that the login process works properly. I had problems on two different browsers.


I’m also shocked at the “convenience” charges for online and phone payment. A check is the only way to not get charged extra.

Unfortunately, Twitter’s 140 character limit prevented me from going into as much detail as I would have liked. In fact, the idea that they contacted me on Twitter to ask if they could help actually upset me more. I’ll explain why…

Firstly, let me say that Bank of America’s website is nigh inoperable. To date, I have used three different web browsers, and none have made a difference. The first obstacle is the login process. Look, I get that you want to protect me from those who would do evil to my account, but two or three login attempts should not result in an error telling me there have been too many attempts and I need to change my password. I, like many other people, have any number of online accounts. With these come a variety of usernames and passwords dependent on what was available at the time and the password requirements. So, yeah, sometimes I have a stupid moment and can’t remember my account info and am too lazy to try and dig it out of my e-mail. I’ve never had another site lock me out so fast, let alone one that doesn’t even put your username and password entry slots on the same damn page.

Then, once I do get in to my account, I have to go though the madhouse of options just to pay my damn mortgage. You main account page shouldn’t look like it would be at home with a search and find puzzle. Then to even make the payment I had to click on just about every button in the universe.

You keep pushing the convenience of your site on my monthly mortgage bills and tout it on your main page. I have sour news for you: it is in no way, shape or form “convenient” for me. Yet, you jerks somehow think that even though I jumped through all of your flaming hoops that I should pay a “convenience” charge for the privilege of putting up with your online nightmare. If I think about paying by phone, that’s right, another “convenience” charge. While easier than your online system, still none too awesome. The ONLY way I can avoid your charges is to write out a check every month. (I’m also pretty certain dealing with checks is highly inconvenient to you versus an online payment.) So, let’s see, 44 cents versus 6 dollar online fee or the 15 dollars or so phone fee, what do you think I’ll pick? If I wanted to pay for a headache, I would have bought a hammer and bashed myself in the skull. Besides, I’m paying my fucking mortgage, it already isn’t cheap. Do you think I’m made of money?

So you have a site that is utterly ineffective and a surcharge that makes me feel like I’m giving you permission to fuck me over, but you have a Twitter team policing for unhappy customers? Really? Couldn’t you pay them to, you know, fix the website? Or is my 15 charge going to pay what is likely their minimum wage based paychecks?

I didn’t pick you. You were what my mortgage broker set me up with and I had no idea how bad of a decision that would be. Let me also say that I know what a good bank is like. I am fortunate enough to be using a great bank that has fast, friendly and effective customer service. I call and get a real person that is happy to talk to me (or is faking it, but I’ll take what I can get). There are no crazy fees, they have an easy to navigate site that works. I could maybe have lower credit card interest or lower car insurance somewhere else, but you know what? They have EARNED my loyalty. They treat me like a person, and not like a piggy bank.

I don’t blame your online Twitter team. They are just doing their jobs. I get that. It is your company that I take issue with. A quick Google search will reveal that I am far from being alone in this. It’s pretty bad news when people have registered a sites with names like, and Maybe they spared themselves your “convenience” fees to pay the domain name charges.

I stand by what I said. Your online system can die in a fire.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Yes Bank of America is doing everyone wrong. I was approved for a modification on my loan, made a total of 6 payments and they had my home in the paper for auction.. Lucky me, after a hard year of trying to get it, I got it… But that wasn’t enough they sill want to foreclose…Can anyone help??

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