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New Site, New Blogs

For those who have visited this site before, you may have noticed that it now looks completely different. That is all down to the awesome powers wielded by Chris at 801red! It’s beautiful and I could not be more happy. I’m still making tweaks and will be introducing some new features, so keep an eye out for updates.

But what is a lovely new site without something new to read on it? Not that exciting, right? That’s why I’m happy to announce a new series of cosplay blogs that I’ll be bringing you.

What is going on here?

What is going on here?

I am the first to admit that I often don’t know what in the hell I’m doing when it comes to making new cosplays. However, I think there is a common misconception that cosplayers generally jump into a project knowing just how it will go. That is why I have decided to launch a new regular blog feature on this site called What The Fuck Am I Doing? (W.T.F.A.I.D?)

To give a bit more clarity on what my intentions are; I am aiming to give you a behind the scenes look at my cosplay creation process. I’ve spoken to so many people who want to cosplay and are intimidated by even getting started. I want them to know that it’s okay to fail, and that sometimes failure leads to bigger successes. (Innovation borne out of frustration and all that.) This is not to say failure is the default state, because sometimes you can surprise yourself, even when tackling tricky projects. So I’m going to let you in on the whole enchilada. My successes, my failures, the funny moments, and the blind screaming rage ones. In some ways it will be a little bit tutorial, in others hopefully inspiration to keep trying and learning.

I’m sure some people more advanced than I in certain areas of costume creation will see my stumbling efforts and go “duh”, and yes, sometimes I am a complete moron and have to learn things the hard way. The point is that they are learned.

I’m going to start with my recent Ariel sail dress cosplay that I launched at San Diego Comic Con and break down the process there, but feel free to send in requests of things you’ve seen on my cosplay page and I’ll do what I can. (I haven’t always been the most thorough documentarian, but I’m working to change that.) Just remember to submit your question in the form of a What/How/Why the Fuck format.


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