strange like that


Kuda_Mac_1I’m Mac Beauvais, and I’m just your average, werewolf-obsessed, horror junkie with a morbid sense of humor and sarcasm to spare. When I’m not out baying at the moon and robbing graves, I’m keeping busy cosplaying, writing, acting, modeling, video gaming, reading, Force lightning-ing, et cetera, ad nauseum.

As you have most likely noticed, I try to do a little bit of everything. I am a fan of many things and engage with those fandoms on many different levels, most notably as a cosplayer. I’ve been cosplaying for the better part of five years, and while it can be incredibly frustrating at times, I keep going back for more. I’m also a firm believer in anyone wanting to cosplay going out and giving it a try, and hopefully some of my blogs will be encouraging in that arena.

Of course, cosplay isn’t all I talk about. I write about what interests me, and hopefully what interests others. I love to learn and to share it forward. If I’m not keeping busy, I’m not enjoying myself.

I also enjoy long walks on the beaches of Azeroth, synthale from Ten Forward, and getting my RPG on while playing D&D drinking games.