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New Site, New Blogs

For those who have visited this site before, you may have noticed that it now looks completely different. That is all down to the awesome powers wielded by Chris at 801red! It’s beautiful and I could not be more happy. I’m still making tweaks and will be introducing some... Read the Rest »

On Steampunk and Cosplay

There is no great Council of Steampunk. No overseeing ruling class that decides what it is and is not. Yet, it seems many people on the internet think they are a part of this imaginary institution. These elite few believe they wield the power to dictate what is acceptable.... Read the Rest »

Racc City Chicks – A Broken Pixels Music Video

A few months ago I was so fortunate as to be asked to participate in a music video. While I’ve been in front of the camera a number of times, this was my first involvement with a music video. I had a blast working on it and actually portrayed... Read the Rest »

A Day Without Makeup

My name is Mac, and for the past 17 years (since about 6th grade), I’ve spent almost every day under makeup. My love affair with makeup started small with play kits in elementary school. The big turning point was my first tube of real lipstick in 6th grade. Slowly,... Read the Rest »

An Open Letter to Convention-Going Butt Photographers

After a long weekend at Comikaze, and being the regular cosplayer that I am, I thought it time to address some of those folks that make my con going experiences painfully creep-tastic. Dearest Convention-Going Butt Photographers- Yes, that’s right. We’ve seen you. All those times you thought you were... Read the Rest »