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Bridesmaids Film Review

Last night, after hearing many a good thing about it, I went to see “Bridesmaids”. It didn’t take me long to realize that I’d made a mistake. Before digging in too far, let me say that there have been a number of popular movies I couldn’t get into. “American... Read the Rest »

By Thor’s Hammer!

As you may have surmised from the title, this is my review of “Thor”, the latest in a series of films centering around the members Marvel’s Avengers. I’m going to try and avoid spoilers in this review, so I won’t delve too much into the plot. Suffice to say,... Read the Rest »

Red Riding Hood Review

YES. THERE ARE SPOILERS, BUT LET’S BE HONEST, THERE ISN’T MUCH TO SPOIL. There have been many an evening where I have willingly gone to a movie I knew would be terrible, solely for the fact that there was a werewolf in it. “Red Riding Hood” was one of... Read the Rest »

Black Swan Review

“Black Swan” is a movie I almost didn’t want to write a review for. I wasn’t really sure how to go about it. It’s not the sort of movie that you can really say you enjoyed. It’s something you have to say you experienced. It’s about how it made... Read the Rest »

Comics to Film and the Complaining That Goes With It

Oh the madness that is casting a comic book based film! Recently, we had two uproars from fans. The first was the announcement that Anne Hathaway was cast as Selina Kyle (mind you, the press release said nothing about Catwoman) in the next Batman film. The second is Henry... Read the Rest »