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On Steampunk and Cosplay

There is no great Council of Steampunk. No overseeing ruling class that decides what it is and is not. Yet, it seems many people on the internet think they are a part of this imaginary institution. These elite few believe they wield the power to dictate what is acceptable.... Read the Rest »

An Open Letter to Convention-Going Butt Photographers

After a long weekend at Comikaze, and being the regular cosplayer that I am, I thought it time to address some of those folks that make my con going experiences painfully creep-tastic. Dearest Convention-Going Butt Photographers- Yes, that’s right. We’ve seen you. All those times you thought you were... Read the Rest »

My Letter to the Luxor Hotel

There has been some interest in a letter I wrote to the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas regarding my recent stay. If you’re looking for a hotel in Vegas, I urge you to steer clear of the Luxor for the time being. To Whom It May Concern: I am... Read the Rest »

Bank of America: You’re Doing It Wrong

Today I posted a comment on Twitter that read: Hey, Bank of America online mortgage payment system: die in a fire. To my surprise, a little later I got a note from their online Twitter support team asking: Were you able to resolve your issue? Anything I can do... Read the Rest »

Red Riding Hood Review

YES. THERE ARE SPOILERS, BUT LET’S BE HONEST, THERE ISN’T MUCH TO SPOIL. There have been many an evening where I have willingly gone to a movie I knew would be terrible, solely for the fact that there was a werewolf in it. “Red Riding Hood” was one of... Read the Rest »