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New Site, New Blogs

For those who have visited this site before, you may have noticed that it now looks completely different. That is all down to the awesome powers wielded by Chris at 801red! It’s beautiful and I could not be more happy. I’m still making tweaks and will be introducing some... Read the Rest »

On Steampunk and Cosplay

There is no great Council of Steampunk. No overseeing ruling class that decides what it is and is not. Yet, it seems many people on the internet think they are a part of this imaginary institution. These elite few believe they wield the power to dictate what is acceptable.... Read the Rest »

Cosplay Critique: Mind Your Manners

Like many of my costuming compatriots, it was never my intention to become a cosplayer. Everyone has their own story on how they got involved. For me, it was happenstance and a Poison Ivy costume I’d constructed for Halloween. What started as determination, undergarments, fake leaves and hot glue... Read the Rest »

Behind-The-Scenes From Geek Down: Cosplay

While I visited last week’s Geek Down show on cosplaying, I was treated to a mini-interview session with the guys. Check it out! Be sure to visit their site to catch up on past episodes, as well as everything upcoming! -

Confessions Of A First Time Cosplayer

Check out my latest article for ThinkLeet! Confessions Of A First Time Cosplayer -