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W.T.F.A.I.D? – Ariel Sail Dress Cosplay

What is W.T.F.A.I.D? Check out my previous post to catch up. At the zero hour before San Diego Comic Con 2013, I thought I would try my hand at a couple new cosplays, including one as Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I decided to construct her sail dress which... Read the Rest »

On “Stealing” or “Copying” Cosplay Ideas

Cosplayers can be a very territorial bunch at times. Let’s face it: it sometimes feels like there’s no costumes that have been left undone. So much so that I sometimes see cosplayers creating outfits in advance of them being fully released, like creating a costume from a movie preview... Read the Rest »

The Monstrous Make-Up Manual Now Available To Pre-Order!

After much toiling, my good friend Michael has completed his monster make-up masterpiece! It’s around 300 pages and contains over 700 step-by-step pictures. This project is truly a monster in and of itself. I was fortunate enough to have modeled four different hideous makeups for this book, and had... Read the Rest »

Confessions Of A First Time Cosplayer

Check out my latest article for ThinkLeet! Confessions Of A First Time Cosplayer -

Halloween Gives Werewolf Chicks The Finger

I received an article at my inbox this morning about new Halloween costumes available for your Xbox avatars, and notably one of them is a werewolf outfit. Sadly though, werewolf sexism is alive and well in the land of the 360 as it’s only for male characters. What is... Read the Rest »