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The Monstrous Make-Up Manual Now Available To Pre-Order!

After much toiling, my good friend Michael has completed his monster make-up masterpiece! It’s around 300 pages and contains over 700 step-by-step pictures. This project is truly a monster in and of itself. I was fortunate enough to have modeled four different hideous makeups for this book, and had... Read the Rest »

8.13 Episode 4

Watch the 4th episode of 8.13 below. I’m especially excited about this one as it’s the first time we see my character, Barb. -

8.13 Episode One: The Interrogation


Short Story – What Was Forgotten

Authors: C. M. Hargrave & C. R. Haiber It’s useless. Abso-fucking-lutely useless. I throw the sheets off of me and swing my feet over the side of... Read the Rest »

Check Me Out On!

One of my absolute favourite sites on the interweb just posted a compilation of my werewolf -themed modeling images. You can check it out here. If you haven’t stopped by the site before, I highly recommend taking a peek. There is no better online destination for werewolf related news.... Read the Rest »