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Review of Universal’s Horror Nights

Last Friday, after hearing many positive reviews of the event, I attended Halloween Horror Nights which takes place at Universal Studios in Hollywood. I was left wondering how so many guests walked away with positive things to say. To be clear, I am no stranger to the world of... Read the Rest »

SyFy’s Being Human Episode 3

Last night was the premier of the third episode of SyFy’s “Being Human”. The show, again, did not disappoint. However, there were some definitely highlights as well as some speed bumps along the way. The thing that irritates me about the show right now is that there is more... Read the Rest »

Are Monster High Dolls Truly “Scarily Fabulous”?

Okay, I fess up! I bought the Clawdeen Wolf doll from Mattel’s new Monster High line. I have to admit, I feel a slight twinge of embarrassment whenever I look at it on the shelf amidst my other werewolf memorabilia. At times, I’m not entirely sure why I bought... Read the Rest »

Werewolves vs Vampires

While my allegiance obvious lies with werewolves, my love of vampires runs a close (but not too close) second. Let’s face it, vampires are pretty damn cool, and I am always down to chill with my blood-sucking brethren. So why do I prefer werewolves? What about them is more... Read the Rest »

Knott’s Scary Farm 2009

On Saturday I visited the Halloween Haunt at Knott’s Scary Farm for about the fifth or sixth time in my life. I’ve made attending the Haunt a nearly annual trip. I love horror mazes and usually Knott’s goes pretty all out. I have to say though that I found... Read the Rest »