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SyFy’s Being Human Episode 3

Last night was the premier of the third episode of SyFy’s “Being Human”. The show, again, did not disappoint. However, there were some definitely highlights as well as some speed bumps along the way. The thing that irritates me about the show right now is that there is more... Read the Rest »

SyFy’s Being Human Episode 2

This is my status report for SyFy’s “Being Human” as of episode two. The final report? Still pretty decent. I won’t go into the nitty gritty specifics of the second episode so as not to spoil it. I will say that I found it to be a little anti-climactic... Read the Rest »

SyFy’s Being Human

Tonight I sat down, fully prepared to start drinking heavily if things went awry, to watch SyFy’s adaptation of the British show Being Human. But the moment for drinking never came. Be shocked and amazed when I say that SyFy’s pilot for Being Human was actually pretty good. I... Read the Rest »

The Vampire’s Lament (Kindle Contest Commercial)

This was my entry for the 2010 Kindle commercial contest. Unfortunately, it didn’t place. Special thanks to my husband, Ryan, who did the camera work, to MKay for her Kindle loan and especially to my mother whose concept this was. -

The Monstrous Make-Up Manual Now Available To Pre-Order!

After much toiling, my good friend Michael has completed his monster make-up masterpiece! It’s around 300 pages and contains over 700 step-by-step pictures. This project is truly a monster in and of itself. I was fortunate enough to have modeled four different hideous makeups for this book, and had... Read the Rest »