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Let the Worgen-ing Begin

Last night, after much anticipation, I started playing World of Warcraft’s new Cataclysm expansion. I am in love. Obviously, as a lover of werewolves I had to create a Worgen character. (I’ve had a placeholder name saved on my server of choice for months now. So you can see... Read the Rest »

Review of Red: Werewolf Hunter

Well SyFy, you’ve done it again. You have succeeded in continuing your tradition of poorly executed original movies. This time it was with your new flick Red: Werewolf Hunter, starring Felicia Day. Here’s the down and dirty synopsis: “Red” brings her boyfriend home to meet the family. Little does... Read the Rest »

Wolfman Trailer 2

I am actually a little surprised at how early Universal has chosen to release a second Wolfman trailer. (Maybe they kept to their original schedule as this was going to be a November release.) Unfortunately, this trailer didn’t get me jazzed nearly as much as the first one. I’m... Read the Rest »

Halloween Gives Werewolf Chicks The Finger

I received an article at my inbox this morning about new Halloween costumes available for your Xbox avatars, and notably one of them is a werewolf outfit. Sadly though, werewolf sexism is alive and well in the land of the 360 as it’s only for male characters. What is... Read the Rest »